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Crua Tri


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Two’s a company, but three doesn’t have to be a crowd, not when you’re packing the Crua Tri 3 person tent.

Constructed to comfortably accommodate three adults, the Tri stands out for the ample room to maneuver that it allows you. It includes a spacious vestibule that can be used to store your gear and where you can chill when the weather is on the chilly side. And when the weather is sunny, why not roll up the entire front flap for a window on your own personal slice of wilderness and to encourage fresh airflow.

Alternatively, prop open the front flap using the included tent poles or your vehicle to extend your living area and provide welcome protection from those harsh rays.

As for the bedroom zone, the Crua Tri once again excels thanks to our legendary insulation technology. Crua’s patented TT insulation works to block out intrusive light, dampen annoying noises, and regulate the temperature within, keeping you cozy when the mercury falls and cool in the height of summer.

The result? You get to enjoy an incredible night’s rest, and wake feeling refreshed and rearing to tackle whatever outdoor challenge you have planned.

Come wind, rain, snow, or shine the Crua Tri 3 person tent has you covered no matter where you and your peeps are bound.


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