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Ronnox Low Cut Performance Socks (pack of 12)

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Wearing a quality, comfortable pair of supportive socks can make all the difference! Go and explore the great outdoors, take a walk-in nature, surround yourself with fresh mountain air. Anything is possible with these wool, hiking socks.

Ronnox Features:

* Cushioned Crew Socks; Surround your feet with all-day comfort and support. Perfect for people who spend all day on their feet like, doctors, nurses, warehouse workers, storefront salespeople and cashiers, carpenters or outdoorsmen.

* Comfortable Cuff: The elastic cuff on these socks is super comfortable and not too tight. You can pull it high up your shin or leave them down the choice is yours.

* Seamless Toes: The toe line in most socks is super irritating and causes blisters, This seamless pair cuts out all that frustration.

* Anti- Blister Socks: Padded heel, padded toes and arch support. Your feet will feel secure and ready for any tough adventure. No more chaffing or rubbing from low-quality socks.

* Moisture Control: No more sweaty feet! The breathable blend of wool and polyester fabric ensures your feet stay dry even in hot climates or summer days outdoors.


* Fabric: 70% Polyester, 15% Wool 10% Acrylic, 5% Spandex.Midweight: 0.5 oz.

* Sizes Available: Small, Medium. Large, X Large (fits According to Size.Spend your days standing, walking, hiking, climbing in absolute bliss when your feet feel supported, cool and comfortable all-day long.No matter what occupation you have or where your feet might take you,always make sure you have a pair of Ronnox socks in your bag.


Shoe Size: 6-8 (S/M), Shoe Size: 9-11 (M/L), Shoe Size: 12-14 (L/XL)


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